Spanish Restaurant

Great Spanish Restaurant in the Area

There are several places in the area claiming to serve Spanish-influenced food, whatever that means. However, there is only one place to discover a great Spanish restaurant in the area- Sabor Latino of Brandon, MO, Canada! If you love real Spanish cuisine, not knock-offs and cheap imitations the taste like cardboard then you need to come see us and let us show you what it is like to eat Spanish foods that are prepared with love.


We are proud to serve the area and are proud to be the go-to restaurant for many when they get cravings for good Mexican and Spanish inspired foods. We respect that trust our customers put into us and our cooking and we strive to provide the very best experience from the moment a customer walks in till the walk out with full bellies and smiles on their faces. That is what we are about here at Sabor Latino of Brandon and we invite you to see for yourself what everyone is talking about!